GOTT Teams – Spirit of Excellence Show

📁 Awards, Results, Showing 🕔05.July 2017
GOTT Teams – Spirit of Excellence Show

Get on the Team (GOTT) Teams are in for the Spirit of Excellence Show!! So check out who is on your team, meet up with them at the show, cheer them on during their classes and win points your points.

Spirit of Excellence GOTT Teams 


Carol Ivey Novice NP
Janna Imrie Rookie
Brittany Beange Green As Grass


Laura Henderson Non Pro
Gillian Joyce Rookie
Brooklyn Breedon Green As Grass

Get on the Team (GOTT), sponsored by Purina Equine, allows competitors to network and mingle with different ORHA members.  Participant, who have signed up, are randomly assigned to a team of 3, one team member from each division (Non Pro, Rookie/ Youth and Beginner/Green as Grass). Scores from each team member are added together and the team points are awards from the highest to lowest  combine score.  The winning Team will get as many points as there are Teams entered for the show. Check here for more information on this program.

Current GOTT Standings

Carol Ivey - Non Pro
Laura Henderson - Non Pro
Janna Imrie - Rookie/ Youth
Gillian Joyce - Rookie/Youth
Brooklyn Breedon - GAG/Beginner
Lisa McCue - GAG/Beginner
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