Get On The Team

Get On The Team

Teams for Pickering Reining Classic

TEAM 1:  Carol Ivey (Novice NP), Gillian Joyce (Rookie), Lisa McCue (Green As Grass)

TEAM 2:  Laura Henderson (Non Pro), Gavin Pellerin (Youth), Brooklyn Breedon (Green As Grass)

TEAM 3:  Carol Ivey (Novice NP), Janna Imrie (Rookie), Brittany McQuarrie(Green As Grass)

Get on the Team (GOTT)

Meet new people, cheer on you teammates and have fun!!


Get on the Team (GOTT), sponsored by Purina Equine, allows competitors to network and connect with members whom they may not normally mingle with.  Participant sign up once and are included in the program for the whole year, unless they sign themselves out. The week before the show, the participants will be randomly assigned to a team of 3, one team member from each division (Non Pro, Rookie/ Youth and Beginner/Green as Grass). These teams will be posted on the website and Facebook. Find out who is on your team, meet up with them at the show, cheer them on during their classes and win points for your team!

If you are entered by end of day June 30, 2017, your points from the Spring Thaw, Pickering Slide and Waterford Slide will be counted.  As of July 1st only points going forward will be counted. 

Sponsored by Purine Equine

2016 Dream Team

Carol Ivey – Non Pro, Reece Martin – Beginner/Green As Grass, Michelle (Mahabir) Newell – Rookie/Youth

Participant Results

Laura Henderson - Non Pro - 21 pts
Carol Ivey - Non Pro - 14 pts
Gillian Joyce - Rookie/Youth - 19 pts
Janna Imrie - Rookie/Youth - 18 pts
Gavin Pellerin - Rookie/Youth - 8 pts
Brooklyn Breedon - GAG/Beginner - 20 pts
Lisa McCue - GAG/Beginner - 12 pts
Brittany McQuarrie - GAG/Beginner - 3 pts

'Get on the Team' Rules

  1. The Teams will be made up of one Beginner/Green as Grass, one Rookie/Youth and one Non-Pro. You must be eligible for your designation but you are allowed to show “up”.  Teams will be drawn at the beginning of each week leading up to a show.  The Teams will be different for each show.
  2. You may sign up for the program at any time (though the earlier, the more chances you will have to earn points) by sending an email to Joanne Milton – ***Put “Get On the Team” in the subject line, please. Declare which division you are eligible for and the class you want counted.***  Once you have entered, you will be included for the rest of the year.   You must be signed up to the program at least one week prior to any points being accumulated.
  3. IF FOR SOME REASON YOU CAN’T MAKE IT TO THE SHOW OR WISH TO CHANGE THE CLASS YOU WANT COUNTED email Joanne at least one week prior to the show in order for a fair Team draw to be made. ***Put “Take Me Off the Team for the……show”  or “Change my Class Designation for the……show” in the subject line of this email*** (Fill in the show dates).
  4. If one of your members does not show up, your team will still participate. You will still receive points even if you are short of team mates.  However, that will obviously affect your Team’s placing.
  5. Names will be picked at random and Teams will be posted on the ORHA Facebook page & website by the Tuesday before each show.
  6. Both slates of classes at each show will count. The Team members will not change for that show.
  7. Have FUN and CHEER for your Team Mates!!!

The Scoring

The Team Score will be the sum of each individual’s score in their designated class.  In the event of some classes (but not all) being judged by more than one judge, that score shall be divided by the number of judges to reflect an average for one judge’s score.  The Team Scores will determine the Team placing and therefore the Team Points.  Each Team member will receive points even if there is only one Team member.  The winning Team will get as many points as there are Teams entered for the weekend.

 E.g.  If there are ten teams playing then the winning team members will receive ten points each.  The second place Team members will receive nine points each, third place Team members will receive eight points each, and on down to one point each on the last place Team.  Joanne Milton will keep track of the points for the year end.

Even if a team member doesn’t make it to the show, your team will still participate and each member that showed will receive points.

Although you are competing on a Team in order to earn points, the Year End Awards will be for the Beginner (or Green as Grass), Rookie (or Youth) and Non Pro Individuals with the most points.  Thus creating what would be the GOTT Dream Team for the year.

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