The Ontario Reining Horse Association purchases and contributes a page in The Rider; a province-wide horse industry newspaper which is distributed through subscriptions as well as through memberships of 18 association partners and almost 300 tack and feed stores. The ORHA page in the Rider focuses on educating the horse enthusiasts from all disciplines as well as the general public on the association and the sport of reining.

The NRHA Reiner is the official publication of the National Reining Horse Association covering both local affiliate and international events. The current and archived online issues of the NRHA Reiner are available at

In the past, the ORHA published a newsletter called The ORHA Slider. This newsletter was issued exclusively for our membership and covers all aspects of the association’s activities as well as insider information on the Reining, training, breeding and more. Unfortunately due to lack of volunteers the Slider is no longer being produced, however below you will find an achieve of past editions.

Summer Slider
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