Brian Heaton Memorial Award

Brian and Sally Heaton were long time members of the ORHA, both well liked and highly respected by their peers. Brian was famous for his creative and entertaining freestyle runs, and Sally was awarded the Citizenship award in 2006 for her sportsmanship, enduring support of her fellow competitors and her ever-present smile. It was a tragic loss when Brian passed away in 2008. In tribute to Brian, for his dedication and contributions to the ORHA, the Brian Heaton Memorial Award was created.


Brian Heaton Memorial Award Recipients

Year Recipient
2016 Dareth Miller
2014 Tim & Lisa Stanton
2013 John & Sharon Fletcher
2012 Mike Munroe
2011 John Purdie
2010 Larry & Lynn McDougall
2009 Joanne Milton
2008 Molly Stevens

Nomination Criteria

Nominations criteria, submission process and deadlines are coming soon.

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