2022 Standings and Show Results

ORHA & NRHA points that horses & riders accumulate throughout the season are calculated and posted on this page…now you can keep tabs on how close the next rider really is!

Open Division

Any rider may show any horse in this class

Non Pro Division

Open to any valid Non Pro rider who meets the requirements. in the Non Pro section of the NRHA Handbook.

Novice Horse Division

Horses with under $5,000/$25,000 in Lifetime earnings and any valid Non Pro rider who meets the requirements.

Rookie Division

Less than $500/$1,500 or 200/300 Youth points in lifetime earnings. Riders do not need to own the horse.

Youth Division

Split into 4 classes for youth riders under the age of 18.

Short Stirrup Division

Open to any youth rider who is age 10 or under as of January 1st ofthe current year and holds a valid ORHA card.

Green Reiner

Less than $100 lifetime NRHA earnings, less than 25 youth points, less than 100 Green points.

Green Horse

Any rider may show, but restricted to horses that have less than two calendar years in reining competitions